Tomi J. Stefanos


Address: Tomi J. Stefanos 
Labor Consultants Central, Inc.
6225 Berwyn Ln.
Dallas, Texas  75214
Phone (214)417-6131

Professional Qualifications
Areas of Specialization 

The Fair Labor Standards Act
Family Medical Leave Act                                                                
Equal pay Act
Davis Bacon & Related Acts                                             
Service Contract Act
Agricultural Worker Protections
Age Discrimination in Employment  

High School
College  2 years                                                                                       


Seminars/ Training                                                                                 
On Site Compliance Audits 
Litigation support- Expert Witness  

Professional Background:

Federal Aviation Agency -- Title II Clerk   1958-1959
General Services Agency --  Inventory Clerk 1964-1966
Defense Services Contract Agency -- Specifications Clerk 1967-1968                   
Federal Housing Administration  -- Secretary 1970-1974
U. S. Department of Labor ESA -- Distribution officer  1975-1978   

U. S. Department of Labor Employment Standards
Wage Hour Division   -- Wage Hour Investigator   1978 – 2003 retired    

Labor Consultants Central  --  Labor Consultant   2013- present        

Overview of Responsibilities

Performed investigations of private and public employers to determine and enforce compliance with various laws enforced by the Wage and Hour Division for twenty –five years.  Engaged in informational programs such as speeches, workshops, seminars and conducted surveys to gather labor statistical information.
As a senior Investigator, in charge of various strike forces within the Wage Hour Departments purview, training incoming Investigators and assisting in complex cases. Provided litigation support services to Solicitor’s Office attorneys, by investigation of facts, application of the law, computations of back wage due and as a fact and/or Expert Witness in suits filed by the U. S. DOL.  

Audit Services

Professional and technical expertise provided in connection with the conduction of audits, which involve a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of compliance with the various requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and other labor laws.  Particular emphasis was given to the integrity of the FLSA classification system for exempt and non-exempt personnel to the payment of overtime or compensatory time and record keeping requirements.  Audits involve the analysis and evaluations of job descriptions and specific functional responsibilities of employees.  Evaluations include the integrity of the exempt or non-exempt classifications under the FLSA and include issues such as travel time, interrupted lunch periods, compensatory time accruals and usage, on-call or stand-by time, preliminary and postliminary activities, educational and training functions, and minimum working time requirements prior to crediting of working time for overtime or compensatory time requirements.

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